can India be the next world’s no.1 automobile manufacturer in Electric automobile industry

India can be the next world’s number one  machine manufacturer in electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles
Electric vehicle

if India can  exercise  lately discovered reserve of lithium in Jammu and Kashmir.  India has beaten Japan to come the 3rd largest  electric manufacturer in 2022 after China and the USA. ”

Electric cars
Electric vehicles

Every time, India import 1200 tonnes of lithium from outside the country. Now, in Jammu and Kashmir, we got lithium. we can  exercise this lithium ion, we will be the number one  machine manufacturing country in the world, as per a PTI report.  Lithium is a  pivotal  component in producing batteries that is used in electric  instruments.   directly India’s  machine assiduity is worth$ 100 billion and the region’s  donation to the  common GST  profit is  ultimate( 7% to 10% ).   common india can be World’s Number 1  machine manufacturer, but still we’ve  precisely started to drill in J & k for lithium. We hope the best of luck for lithium

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