7 Tips Every Android User should Know about this in 2023

android tricks

7  Tips Every Android User should Know about this in 2023

Android tips

 1 ) Use the “OK Google” voice command to control your phone hands-free. You can use this feature to make phone calls, send text messages, open apps, and perform other tasks just by speaking to your phone.

 2 ) Enable the “One-Handed Mode” to make it easier to use your phone with one hand. This feature shrinks the size of the screen and moves it to one side of the phone, making it easier to reach all the buttons and controls.
3 ) Use the “Split Screen” feature to multitask on your phone. This allows you to run two apps side by side, which can be very useful if you need to reference something in one app while working in another.
 4 ) Use the “Smart Lock” feature to automatically unlock your phone when you’re in a trusted location or connected to a trusted device. This can save you time and hassle by eliminating the need to enter a password or passcode every time you want to use your phone.
 5 ) Use the “Battery Saver” mode to extend the battery life of your phone. This feature shuts off certain features and reduces the performance of your phone in order to conserve battery power. It’s especially useful when you’re running low on power and don’t have a charger nearby.
 6 ) To check SAR value on your mobile phone dial *#07# . It should be less than 1.6 on your phone , if it is greator than 1.6 then it means your phones health is not good
 7 ) Dial *#61# By this code you can check whether call forwarding is going on your phone Or not You can close it by ##02#

Also try video toolbox feature on your phone Read More


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