can India be the next world’s no.1 automobile manufacturer in Electric automobile industry

India can be the next world’s number one  machine manufacturer in electric vehicles. Electric vehicle if India can  exercise  lately ...
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Cyber attack on 12,000 Indian govt websites . | Alert.

cyber attack
 India will face a cyber attack on govt website, a Indonesian hacker group claimed. Cyber security attack on Indian govt. ...
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New update for google search console dashboard

google search console
As one of the most widely used search engines in the world, Google Search is an essential tool for millions ...
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Google AI chatbot ( Bard )ready to fight the ChatGPT | New update

Google Bard is ready to fight against other AI chat bots The world of artificial intelligence ( AI ) continues ...
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New & Latest update by google in search results | Google search result review update

Google’s Latest Update: Introducing the ‘Unverified Reviews’ Icon in Organic Search Results Google has recently made a latest breaking update ...
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