Ways to increase your traffic on New blog | How do I get more traffic to my free blog

If you’ve got a brand new web log, then you wish to urge traffic. thus however does one do that? we’ve got some nice tips for increasing your traffic on your new blog. 


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Use SEO friendly article – this implies the article ought to be in line with this trends and keywords that ar relevant to your niche. The content ought to be distinctive and informative. this may facilitate in attracting additional guests to your website.

New web log free traffic – you’ll be able to get free traffic by posting connected articles on different blogs moreover as social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. These posts mustn’t solely be informative however conjointly fascinating so they attract additional readers

Here are a number of tips for increasing traffic on your blog:

-1 : Write article according to Trending topics it will help your blog to push up in google rank 

2 : Share your article in right direction on right place on social media like Instagram etc 

3 : Search groups of your niche on facebook and post your blog link there without spaming 

4 : Answer the people on websites like wikipedia, Quora etc and draw the traffic towards your blog by posting link of your blog in comment and answers 

5 : Learn how to write SEO friendly article on blog :  Write SEO friendly article

How does one get additional traffic to your web log on Blogger?

Here ar some tips that may assist you increase the amount of holiday makers to your blog:

1. Write SEO-friendly articles. this implies that you just ought to embody keywords within the title, body and/or computer address of your web log post so search engines will perceive what your post is concerning.

2. Get additional new readers by sharing fascinating articles from different blogs or websites on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

3. supply promotions to offer individuals incentives to share your content with their friends or followers on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

4. Use tools like BuzzSumo to seek out out that posts get shared most frequently by different bloggers and influencers in your niche so you’ll be able to use those posts as inspiration for your own posts!

One of the simplest ways that to extend traffic on a web log is to urge new guests. this may be drained variety of how, including:

1. Promoting the web log on social media. you’ll be able to use an advertisement service like Facebook or Twitter Ads to market your web log posts, and you’ll be able to place targeted ads for keywords associated with your niche. this may assist you reach people that have an interest in your content, however it will not essentially mean that they are already reading it!

2. making associate infographic with a call-to-action (CTA) at the tip that encourages readers to go to your web site or register for updates. for instance, if you’ve got a piece of writing concerning the way to get additional out of it slow within the morning and you wish additional individuals to browse that article, you may produce associate infographic concerning what percentage hours the majority pay on their phones day by day (or no matter else would possibly interest them) and embody a CTA at the bottom: “Learn the way to get additional out of your morning!”

3. business guest posts on different blogs that ar relevant to your niche. Guest posting is another good way to urge exposure for your web log whereas conjointly earning some additional financial gain from writing! you’ll be able to notice different bloggers in your business WHO

4 -Create a lovely, skilled style for your blog—both visually and structurally; this may attract additional guests WHO need to browse one thing compelling however WHO do not essentially need to urge lost in a very ocean of  Articles 


QUESTION : How much traffic should a new blog get

Ans : If you have new blog then you should have atleast 100+ traffic on your blog other wise more than 10000 

Question : How long does it take for a new blog to pick up traffic?

Ans : IT Depends upon how is the quality of your articles usually if articles are unique and quality ful then you will get rank on google within 2 to 4 months 

Question : How can I get traffic to my blog 2022?

Ans : Follow steps : Publish your long form blog posts 

write about trending topics 

Be consistent on your blog 

write long blog post headlines 

Comment on releated posts 

Answer people on social media websites like quora , wikipedia releated to your niche and draw traffic toward your blog 

Question : How do I get 1000 visitors on my blog?

Ans : Write unique articles , Optimize the seo on your posts , Reply people on social media website like quora , wikipedia  and draw traffic to your blog 

Question : Why is my blog traffic not increasing?

Ans : Focus on trending topics and post trending topics releated to your niche and then answer people on quora and wikipedia and other social media apps and also share your links of your blog Definitely you will get the traffic . it also happened with me . At starting new blogs do not get traffic so dont be panic 

  •  Question: If I write blogs on blogspost will it appear on Google and will it be eligible for payment
  • Ans : Yes Definitely you will be elligible to monetize your blog with blogspot.com 
  •  Question : How do I know if there is a copyright in my blog?
  • Ans : You will be notified by blogger gmail .
 Question : How do I get AdSense approval at the earliest?
Ans : Content should be unique
Theme should be well customized to look better
Content should not be repetitive
Page should be easily Navigative
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