New blog important settings that help in adsense approval

Here are some important settings that will definitely help you in getting adsense approval 

Basic setting will be available in blogger setting. 

Settings are divided into two categories 

 BASIC Setting 

  Advance settings 

 1 :  Basic settings :  ( Based on settings In blogger setting that help you to customize your blog and follow privacy and policy  )

* Enter title of your blog 

* Give a short description about your blog 

* If your blog contains adult content including images, videos That involves nudity or sexual activity. Then turn on Adult content & Age confirmation. 


* Upload Favicon of your blog ( Your blog profile picture) click on Favicon to upload 

* Turn on privacy 


* connect custom domain & Click on redirect domain 

* Turn on both HTTPS availability ( It will help to secure your blog as it works as SSL Certificate 

* Enable Meta tags ( it will help your posts to rank up in google result by using your post description 

2 Advanced Settings ( it will help you to rank up your posts in google search results) 

1 : ✍️ write unique & Quality content 

,As soon as you upload high quality content & Unique content on your blog sooner your posts will be available on top of the google search results, More the traffic more is the chances you will get adsense approval

 2 Blog posts 

: ✍️ Your blog must have atleast 20 posts of 400+ letters and each post should be quality content and unique. 

 3 Copyright items 

: ✍️ Avoid using Copyright images, use copyright free images you can download from pixels etc. 

 4  Important pages 

 : ✍️ Create important pages 

(Î) About us page 

(ÎÎ) Privacy and policy page 

(ÎÎÎ) Disclaimer page 

(Îv) Contact page. 

These are most important pages that adsense check whether this blog is following privacy and policy or not .

 5 Customize theme

 : ✍️ Use well customized Themes or customize your theme to get a better impressions and look better .

6 Navigate Easily 

: ✍️ Keep your blog easily navigate ( main menu like many bars) 

7 Label each post 

: ✍️ Label each post and maintain categories in your blog to navigate easily 

8 Regularity

 : ✍️ Be consistent on your blog 

9 Interactive 

: ✍️ Keep interacting with your blog family ( Users that visit your blog)  

 10 Network 

: ✍️ Maintain a social network on all social media apps with professional blog name 

 11 Category

 : ✍️ Your blog should be on a particular category 

12 SEO 

 : ✍️ Write your blog posts with basic SEO 

13 attract traffic 

: ✍️ Answer people on quora, Reddit etc like platforms to attract the 🚦 traffic 

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