You need to fix some issues before your site is ready for Adsense problem solve

Fix some issue in Adsense

This rejection has to face every new blogger so there is no problem in getting rejected by google   adsense .

Why google rejects our blog 

Ans : Google rejects mainly due to Voilation of its policy , three main Reasons 

Google adsense policy voilation

1 : Low Value Content . 

. Follow the given below steps to resolve / fix  this issue 
) : Write your own articles 
) : Use high quality & own images 
) : Write articles that give some value to users , That are in trending or being searched in google 
) : Don’t copy other contents 
) : There should be traffic on your blog or your blog should be searched in google .

 2 : Replicated Content 

) : Your content should not be same or match with other websites 
) : Your blog should be original and Genvin 
) : Write original articles with unique method to look unique 

3 : Deceptive Site Navigation 

) : Your blog should have a proper navigation , it means like main menu , home , recent ,trending etc 
) : Use a best theme that have a proper navigation tools 

Related Questions 

How many posts are required to get approval ? 

Ans : Above 15 posts with minimum 400 letters 

Which Theme is best for early adsense approval ? 

Ans : Sora Seo 2 theme  ( use free version ) 

Which is better  & easy for adsense approval ? 

Ans : Blog is best and Easy  
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