How to start free blogging in 2023

 12 Steps to begin a Blogging 

IF you are intrested in blogging today i will tell you 12 ways to start  your blog 




1. outline Your Topic or Niche

Finding a distinct segment will be powerful or feel limiting, however can assist you build stronger Credibleness within the long run. you’ll be able to actually name over one subject, however check that your main focus is consistent and specific enough to draw readers in and encourage them to stay reading your work.

2. Do competition analysis

After deciding what you wish to write down regarding, do some initial analysis to know UN agency the opposite key players square measure in your area. Is your niche already fairly crowded? Or square measure only a few individuals writing regarding your meant topic?

No matter the case, doing all of your analysis beforehand can assist you perceive however you’ll be able to produce content that’s higher than or completely different from what’s already out there.

3. outline Your Audience

In addition to nailing down your niche, you ought to conjointly think about your audience. UN agency square measure you aiming to be blogging for?

Having the solution to the current question can assist you write articles that square measure valuable and relevant to your readers. try and verify the subsequent data regarding your ideal reader before diving right into writing:

How recent square measure they?

Where do they live?

What do they are doing for work?

What different kinds of media do they already consume?

Do they browse the other blogs?

What do they are doing in their free time?

What problems or issues do they face on an everyday basis?

What do they need they were additional of associate degree professional in?

4. arrange Your initial journal Post

Once you’ve nailed down your niche and desired audience, you’ll be able to begin coming up with your initial journal article. Again, this might need some analysis to make sure you’re making one thing that your audience can need to browse.

As a start line, kind your required topic plan into a research engine to check what forms of articles seem within the results. If you discover that the prevailing results don’t accurately or ably make a case for the subject, that’s a good indicator that you’ll be able to write one thing higher.

5. Name Your journal

Every journal desires a reputation. You’ll need to make sure that your blog’s name is smart given your niche or complete, is memorable/catchy, and is straightforward and fast enough to kind.

If you have got a reputation in mind, scour the online and social media to create positive that nobody else is already victimization that name. If your required name is already taken, you’ll be able to either produce a brand new one or contact the web site owner to check if they’re still actively victimization the name that you just need. If you actually need to shield your assets, you’ll be able to even trademark your business name.

6. produce stigmatisation components for Your journal

In addition to a reputation, you’ll ought to choose a font and color palette for your journal that you’ll incorporate once you’ve designed your web site. you’ll be able to do that yourself or source it to a graphic designer.

If you wish a custom emblem for your journal, you’ll be able to style one with a free platform like Canva, or work with a designer.

7. Claim a website Name

After selecting a reputation for your journal, you’re able to choose a website name. you’ll be able to check to check if {a domain|a web site|a site} is accessible by typewriting in your required name in your browser and see if a live website seems. Most domain registrars will even have a tool to assist you discover accessible domains.

When you’ve chosen a website that’s accessible, you’ll ought to pay money for the rights to use it through a website registrar. Owning and fixing netsuke|a website} could be a separate method from choosing a hosting site and web builder, that you’ll do next.

8. opt for a Hosting website

Choosing an internet host is an important step in making your journal. while not a number, you won’t be able to build a website; a number is what permits you to effectively “rent” a presence on the web.

IF you begin a journal on blogger. com then you’ll be able to legitimatise your journal with AdSense while not shopping for a website at no cost 

Further it is your selection you’ll be able to conjointly get domain in blogger

9. Build Your web site

In case of WordPress you would like a subject it will be paid or free however may also use free themes on WordPress 

In blogger you’ll be able to use free themes also as paid it depends upon you 

It’s not necessary to shop for a subject at beginning when journal financial gain you’ll be able to decease simply.

10. transfer and Publish Your initial Article

After you’ve designed your web site and square measure happy with its look and feel, it’s time to transfer your initial article. you’ll be able to kind and edit your content right from the rear finish of your web site, however, it’s wiser to form all of your content in an exceedingly separate, cloud-based editor like Google Docs. That way, you’ll have a secure backup of your journal content just in case your website experiences any technical problems.

11. Promote Your journal

Once you’ve revealed content to your journal, you’ll be able to share your links. Social media .

12. Track Your Analytics

After you’ve revealed and promulgated your journal, it’s necessary to trace metrics like views, guests and clicks.

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Question : what is blogging means 

Ans : Blogging could be a method of posting content on the web, typically each day or many times per week. the most aim of blogging is to make an internet audience, increase web site traffic and attract a lot of advertisers. 

Question : How do i start blogging 

Ans : you can start your blog any time if you want a free blogging without any expense you can choose blogger and it is 100% monetizable And few people also start blogging on wordpress
Do bloggers get paid 

 Question : Is blogging a good idea 

Ans : Yes blogging is a good idea you can start with part time followed by full time 

Question : Famous blogger 

Ans : Neil Patel 

Question: Can i get money by writing blog

Ans : Yes definitely you will get paid , after your blog is monetized , also by affiliate marketing

 Question : How do i start blog and earn money 

Ans : You can start blogging on blogger as well as on wordpress and monetize your blog and get paid Protection Status

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